November/December 2012

November/December 2012

“Developing New Products and Selling Them Online”

By John Davidson, Bridgerland Applied Technology College & the Cache Business Resource Center

Product Versus Market

Find the market that can make you successful. Just because you think something is a great idea does not mean it will be successful. The most common mistake people make is to create a product and then go looking for someone to buy. You should first look and see if there is a “NEED IN THE MARKET” and then go about finding a product to meet this need.

·         Step One - Find a “NEED IN THE MARKET”

·         Step Two - Ask the market what they want

·         Step Three – Develop or find a product and sell it to them

A market is a group of people who share a passionate interest in a particular topic. There are hundreds of markets out there, usually if there is a magazine directed towards this area you can consider it to be a market. Once you have found a hungry market look for a need that may exist in this market. This can be done by interviewing people, using questionnaires or surveys. You can go online and look at places like Yahoo Answers and see what people are searching for. Go mingle with people in this market and get to know what they are looking for. When you can find a void in this market that people are looking to fill, you have found a winner.

After finding a need in the market you can test the waters by seeing if there are others marketing a similar product. Competition is a good thing and if they are successful you know if done correctly that you can also succeed. Sometimes there are really good products out there that fill this need and they just aren’t being presented to those that are looking for them. If products already exist in the marketplace, you can become a distributor or an affiliate and market these products directly to your target market. If you cannot find a product, start looking at creating your own product to market to this selected group.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is crucial when selling online. Ask yourself one simple question. “If I wanted to buy this item online what would I type into the search engines?” It is really that simple, what would people type if they were looking for the product online? Buying keywords is what you want to find. Once you have determined what they would type, you know what your website and business should be centered around. You want your website on page one of Google for what people will type to search for that item. The URL for your website and all of the content of your website should be associated around that keyword or keywords.

Websites for marketing online do not have to be fancy but they need to contain key elements:

·         Keyword rich URL or Domain name

·         A squeeze page

·         A sales page or store

·         Blog with keyword rich content delivered on a regular basis

·         Social links to your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages

·         Contact and legal pages

For more information about Developing products and selling online go to the Cache Business Resource Centers website or take one of the seminars.

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