March 2014


The International Energy Agency predicts that the United States will overtake Saudi

Arabia as the world’s top oil producer by 2015. America has already become the largest

producer of natural gas. In October 2013, the U.S. started producing more oil than it

imports for the first time since 1995. The energy market in the U.S. is huge right now.

That’s why it was a smart move for Ray Dellinger to tap into it with his Logan-based

business, Argo Fuels.


Argo Fuels is a biodiesel innovation company focused on developing, manufacturing and

licensing innovations in the development of biodiesel. They’ve found a niche in the

alternative fuel market. Ray says they’ve developed a new technology for making renewable fuels.

What they did is create a super critical solid metal NanoCatalyst that allows them to use wastewater

treatment plant residues, or waste streams, to create high-quality renewable fuels.

It’s a revolutionary process, where they’re working to reclaim water being sent down the drain or sewer

and turn it into usable biofuel. Although this seems complex, it’s definitely the kind of technology Americans

need to be looking for in decreasing dependence on foreign oil.


The main use of this product will be in the commercial sector. In fact, the first

hydrocarbon they’re working on is a synthetic diesel fuel, which looks like water in a

glass, burns freely and is highly oxygenated. They’re expecting it to hit the market by the

end of next summer.


Argo Fuels is almost four years old and has grown to include 12 employees. But Ray says

competition in this market is fierce because every major petroleum company is involved

in research and development of alternative fuels. But Argo distinguishes themselves by

putting all resources into a niche, which they can grow.


Ray wants Argo Fuels to offer renewable fuels that can be an economical choice so that

the future becomes one where Americans use renewable fuels produced and developed

right here. The biodiesel Argo produces is top notch, especially since the water is so

highly potent.


For Zions Bank, I’m Chris Redgrave, speaking on business.


Speaking about his experience with the Logan Small Business Development Center, Ray Dellinger said,

“For my business, the difference between success and failure is the hidden gem of the Logan SBDC. The Logan SBDC

provided extensive market research allowing ArgoFuels to reevaluate and develop its supply chain,

analyze competitors, identify distributors, and conduct an overall industry analysis.  Due to the research provided,

ArgoFuel has dramatically shifted its company’s business strategy allowing for a more viable and competitive business.

This substantial strategic shift has greatly aided in securing needed capital and has strengthened profit margins.

The value the Logan SBDC has provided for me would easily be worth $50,000 or more at a private firm.

This is just the tip of the ice berg for the SBDC’s ability to inspire success.”


Argo Fuels