June 2014


SBDC and Cache BRC to host Utah’s Own


The Logan Small Business Development Center and Cache Business Resource Center are partnering with Utah’s Own to conduct a business resource Summit.  The Summit will be held on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 from 11:30 to 1:00 at the Riverwoods Conference Center located at 615 Riverwoods Parkway in Logan.  Following the Summit, Karin Allen, Food Quality & Entrepreneurship Specialist with USU Extension will provide an optional 30 minute workshop on food science, regulation and labeling from 1:00 to 1:30 pm. 

Local food businesses, farmers, ranchers, restaurant owners, caterers, and others that distribute or sell food are invited to attend the Summit.  If you are thinking about developing a value added product or establishing a new food business, this is a must attend event.  The Summit and Workshop are free and lunch is included.  

The question is how can we stimulate and build our local economy?  Support Utah’s Own!  The buy local movement is stronger than ever as communities and businesses get behind the Utah’s Own Program.  As we educate the public to purchase locally made and grown products, the dollars stay in the state and are reinvested over and over again creating more jobs and tax revenue.  More tax revenue means a greater tax base for schools, roads and other services.

Besides economic benefits, consumers enjoy fresh, wholesome high quality products that are second to none.  Environmentally, we reduce our carbon footprint as we use less fossil fuel as products don’t have to travel hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to get to our table. 

It is important to keep in mind that as you buy local food products or purchase direct from farmers and ranchers, you are supporting local agriculture which helps us preserve the agricultural landscape.  Prosperous agriculture helps protect our watersheds, contributes to better air quality and provides critical seasonal habitat for wildlife. 

Local businesses are owned by people who live here and are invested in our future just like you.  They are your neighbors, friends and family; and, they hire your neighbors, friends and family.  You might say that Utah’s Own is an investment in Utah.  The return on that investment is a higher quality of life for all of us.  That’s why we say, keep it here at home and buy Utah’s Own.