February 2015

A Staffing Agency Can Hire Better, Faster, & Cheaper Than You
How much does it cost your company on average to hire a new employee? How much total time and effort goes into the process? Many companies spend $800 to $1000 to hire a single new employee. Some businesses might spend less, others absolutely spend more.
Staffing Companies are Continuously Engaged in the Business of Hiring People
Staffing companies like Your Employment Solutions are continuously spending money with local and global advertising outfits targeting jobseekers to help keep a solid, current candidate pool.
Not only that, but the more effective staffing companies understand how to leverage the power of social media (Facebook, Google+, and YouTube) to attract the right jobseekers to the right jobs.
A staffing agency’s talent database will generally have more searchable available candidates than any standard business would ever have in a lifetime and the staffing database constantly grows.
Every year a staffing agency’s doors stay in motion with thousands of candidates walking through searching for employment. Staffers are trained in the art of finding and hiring jobseekers. It is our niche. It is the purpose of our business.
Hiring is what we do, and we do it very well.
The professional recruiters and account managers at a staffing agency will screen each candidate for multiple job opportunities and decide what job opening is appropriate. Force-feeding an open job to an applicant is not a good employment solution. It never lasts. Listening and personally engaging with the applicant, and finding the right fit based on their talents and skills always has a much better outcome.
As I mentioned, staffing companies will have an active, current pool of jobseekers. At YES we’ve interviewed a lot of people over the years and we know how to send the right person to the right job - with the right company. Sometimes a person isn't a good fit with one company and gets passed over, then a few days later, turns out to be a perfect fit for a different company.
Also, temporary staffing agencies are far more robust in terms of the type of employment they can offer than you might have previously believed. In fact, the types of employment staffing agencies hire for include short-term jobs (of course) as well as a large amount of long-term, contracted, and direct hire positions.
In summary…
How is staffing better?
Hiring and employment is all staffing does.
How is staffing faster?
Staffing agencies maintain an active pool of current candidates looking for work.
How is staffing we cheaper?
A staffing company can save you time and effort.
The hiring process is expensive, time-consuming and inefficient. Allow a staffing company like Your Employment Solutions to help.
YES Means Custom Staffing
Your Employment Solutions has been helping connect Utah jobseekers to Utah businesses for 20 years. YES understands each and every client has a different set of needs, desires, and wants. We customize our staffing process to fit our client's unique needs.
For example, if workplace safety is your issue, YES will customize safety protocols to improve theses issues. If attrition is a problem due to poor quality of employees, allow YES to customize the on-boarding and credentialing process to reduce turnover.
Our uniquely certified recruiting and staffing process allows us to hire better, faster and cheaper than you.
Reed Laws

Your Employment Solutions